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As the UAE returns to economic stability and growth, there has been an increase in demand for professionals from the legal sector. According to the Robert Half Salary Guide, the demand is high for legal professionals, but competition is too as firms target numerous candidates in hopes of making the right hiring decision. Employers are looking for candidates with western qualifications, international experience, and Arabic language skills. The guide also reports that there was 3.9% salary increase in the legal sector on average from 2012 to 2013. For the year 2014, Emirates 24/7 projects that there will be another increase in salaries, but a bit more modest with legal professional salary increases of 2%.

Law & Legal Certifications in UAE

Certified Professional Contract Manager

This certification demonstrates that you have met NCMA’s highest standards for education, training, and experience. It is ideal for those who need to understand the Contract Management Body of Knowledge.

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Certified Forensic Claim Consultant (CFCC)

CFCC® certification credential offered by AACEI, USA to establish professional expertise in claims and dispute resolution. This course will qualify you as a expert to a legal counsel.

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Law & Legal jobs in UAE


2 Responses

  • Joana Sousa

    Hi! I am a civil system qualified lawyer and I am planning to relocate to Dubai. I would like to know if I can get a qualification in common law in Dubai by taking any courses and necessary exams. Is this kind of qualification course available in Dubai? Thank you for your help

  • Bobbi Hartshorne

    Hi Joana, sadly at present we don't currently have such courses available through Laimoon. Although we would be delighted to hear of any should you find them. In the meantime I think the Law Society may be able to help you: http://international.lawsoc...