Partner with Laimoon to up-skill your audience.

Partner with Laimoon to up-skill your audience.

Help your audience with professional courses and start a new revenue stream. Join affiliate program

How it works


Join the program and get your account activated


Copy paste the affiliate widget to your site, it will suggest relevant courses. Or use our tracking links and banners to showcase courses on your channels. If needed we have API for advanced integrations.


Track your profit share on our analytics dashboard, get paid on regular intervals or on reaching revenue threshold

Why join Laimoon affiliate program?

  1. Over 5000+ professional courses to choose from.
  2. Relevant courses available for all industries and professions.
  3. Easy copy paste widgets with intelligent targeting, custom links and banners.
  4. High commissions up to 50% profit share with Laimoon.
  5. Advanced integration available with APIs or even custom partnerships.
  6. Affiliate members will get periodic exclusive promotions, assets and guideline on our courses for their audience.
  7. Professional courses are something people always wanted to up-skill their career, join Laimoon to help your audience now!

Affiliate program FAQ

Affiliate marketing involves Laimoon paying a commission to other online entities or digital marketers, known as affiliates, for referring new students to purchase courses through us. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts result in a transaction.

After you join our affiliate program, you will be given a unique referral link, a widget code or an API to use on your web pages or marketing channels. You’ll be paid for every course spending that a learner makes within 30 days of clicking on a qualified link.

As a Laimoon affiliate, you’ll receive:
a) Baseline commission of up to 50% profit share on any eligible purchases your users make within 30 days of clicking a qualified link, with bonuses for strong performance.
b) There is opportunity to generate even more revenue. Case by case we work with affiliates for referrals on generating leads, referring education institution partners, expert trainers and corporate training requests.
c) We provide easy copy paste tracking links, widgets with intelligent targeting and banners with ease of integration.
d) Affiliate members will get periodic exclusive promotions, assets and guidelines on our courses for their audience.

You can get started as an affiliate in as little as a day from the time you submit your application. Most applications are reviewed within 1-3 business days. Advanced custom integrations are possible with your tech teams involvements within a week time.

It does not cost you a thing, signup is absolutely FREE.

To become a Laimoon Affiliate, all you need to do is apply here by clicking  Join affiliate program. Once we approve your request, you will get a confirmation email. If needed we will have online meetings and further emails to clarify your doubts. You will be given access to the revenue dashboard and all materials needed.

You can use various promotional methods to earn commissions including placing customized banners and links on your website or blog through which we will track sales. You can use our widget that automatically sugget relevant course on the page. You can create media like images, video or articles to promote courses with the tracking link to the course using various social media channels. When any customer, referred by you, makes a purchase, you get paid.

No limits! The more purchases you drive, the more you earn.

We provide banners, widgets and text links in addition to complete email / training meetings assistance with regard to your promotions. All our widgets and banners are constantly improved for conversion.

You can place the banner links on those places on your blog/website where visitors are more likely to pay attention. Typically it's the left/ right sidebar, above or below the top navigation bar or below each blog post snippet.

We make the payment to our affiliates directly on a monthly basis or upon threshold. Minimum payout will be $100. For commission total below $100, we will carry over your commission total until you reach $100 at the relevant monthly payout date.