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Saudi Arabia has the largest hospitality market in the GCC region. It has approximately 47% of the international arrivals heading to the region, and is also the largest in terms of hotel rooms and apartment capacity.  Furthermore, the government is planning to expand the travel and tourism sector which will bring about 88 million visitors by the end of 2020. Mega projects including the Jabal Omar Development and expansions in Mecca and Madina will boost the travel and tourism sector including car rental, accommodation, land and air transportation. As a result of this growth it expected that the average salary for individuals working in hotels, airports, and leisure companies will be on the rise. See below for real salary examples for hospitality and tourism professionals.

Hospitality & Tourism Certifications in Saudi Arabia

CTH International Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

CTH Diploma level programmes provide you with an in-depth understanding of the operational side of the tourism and hospitality sector and an awareness of the core management principles involved.

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IATA (International Air Transport Association)

IATA's International Travel & Tourism Training Programs are designed to give you the skills and knowledge to maximize career opportunities in this rapidly expanding industry.

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Passenger Service Agent(PSA)

Passenger Service Agent (PSA) Training, is the leading Airlines course for those who want to become Passenger Service Agents. You will learn about what you will be typically expected to learn on joining an airline or ground handling agency for the position of Passenger Service Agent.

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