JavaScript full stack web developer virtual internship

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Laimoon InternCamp: Virtual Bootcamp + Internship

the duration of the course

Bootcamp duration

Upto 32 Hours

Internship duration

6 weeks

The accrediting body for the course

Program capacity

10 interns
The accrediting body for the course

Coaching and support by:

Saleem Hadad, Software Engineer @, Dubai, UAE

How it works

Attend live workshops with 3 industry practitioners

Complete practical group projects & pass the exam

Get assigned with real world projects as intern

Program price: AED 1,450

3 monthly installments available

Program lead

Saleem Hadad photo

Saleem Hadad

Software Engineer @ Laimoon, Practitioner & Supervisor Lead open source contributor, Coach & mentor

Native Arabic, Fluent English

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  • a. Develop your confidence by working on real projects supervised by a current working practitioner who will also mentor you on all the inside tips of starting/progressing your career as a full stack web developer.
  • b. Show potential employers that you have what it takes to be a productive team member
  • a. Use cutting-edge JavaScript technologies
  • b. Understand web development terms and ecosystem
  • c. Learn the foundation of cloud computing
  • d. Understand the web development lifecycle
  • e. Learn how to deploy your applications to the cloud using AWS provider.

Experience & Certificates

  • Certificate of completion
  • Certificate of experience or note from Laimoon
  • Any future recommendation of work if needed

Program features

  1. JavaScript Full stack web developer virtual InternCamp at Laimoon is a short and intensive Bootcamp + internship program covering every essential knowledge you need as a production-ready web developer. That's 20% the most important practical skills that prepare you for 80% of the tasks in your job as a JavaScript Full Stack Programmer.
    • A faster route to a web developer career is achieved using the JavaScript programming language that helps to do Front end and Back end. The program covers the latest tools and technologies that automate a lot of mundane tasks like serverless framework.
    • This Bootcamp is designed to make you learn, how to learn faster on almost anything additional you need as a web developer with enough resources.
    • The program includes upto 32 hours of instructor-led live training and full-time practical group projects.
  2. Covering modern technologies that are in demand now - TailwindCSS, Node Js, Serverless, AWS Cloud, React, etc.
  3. Do Demo practical group projects building clones of great web applications.
  4. Build Confidence with your knowledge by doing real-world projects. Learn teamwork, collaboration, and work with an experienced team at Laimoon.
  5. Access to Alumni network, practitioner coaches, and industry experts involved for a lifelong on the slack channel to further increase your networks and find new opportunities to work together.
  6. Shine well on your next Web developer Interview speaking about your experience in projects and real things you built.
  7. Get Industry ready to make Jobs find you, by taking your profile better to the next level of your career, with Valuable career guidance throughout the program.
  8. Opportunity for Additional hands-on 1-1 coaching if needed.
  9. There are Internship opportunities for all passing candidates with Laimoon and Partnering companies.
  10. You will be working under the mentorship, and direction of masters in the field - the CTO of Laimoon, Senior Software engineers and Professional Web developers - who have a collective experience of over 35 years in tech companies.
  11. The program is remote so you can access all sessions and resources from the convenience of your own home or live as a digital Nomad.

Program timings

From 7th February, 2021 to 17th March, 2021 Time: 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM GST (Sun/Wed)

More flexible batches available.

Program price: AED 1,450

3 monthly installments available

Program guide

Web technologies fundamentals - 10 hours

Web technologies are in a constant state of flux. It’s impossible to predict which will fail, which will shine brightly then quickly fade away, and which have real longevity. Rapid innovation is what makes web app development so exciting, but shiny new things shouldn’t be pursued without a solid understanding of the underlying web platform.

Practical skills you will gain from working on this module
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Web design foundation GIT + Github
JavaScript Web development with MERN stack - 10 hours

Learn Modern JavaScript starting from fundamental concepts to all next-generation features required to build the front-end as well as back-end applications

Practical skills you will gain from working on this module
NodeJs Express TailwindCSS ReactJs Redux SQL Databases NoSQL Databases
Cloud computing and deployment - 10 hours

Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect certification is rated as one of the most popular and lucrative cloud certifications in IT globally. Serverless is a way to describe the services, practices, and strategies that enable you to build more agile applications so you can innovate and respond to change faster. With serverless computing, infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching are handled by AWS

Practical skills you will gain from working on this module
Cloud Computing Security Management in AWS Serverless framework AWS Lambda AWS Route 53 AWS CloudFront AWS CodePipeline CI/CD
Career guidance for web development - 4 hours

The world of web development includes a whole range of specializations. Learn the subtle differences to guide your studies, and your job search.

Practical skills you will gain from working on this module
Full stack web developer Front End Engineer Back End Engineer Software Architect Preparing for interviews Building your profile
Practical workshops and group projects

Work like a professional on some industry level projects like Chat app, Twitter clone, YouTube clone and pass the final exam.

Practical skills you will gain from working on this module
Team collaboration Technical architecture Product development
Internship assignments - 6 weeks

Once you pass the internship qualifications, you will be able to work with real product development projects at Laimoon.

Internship at :
Timing : Part-time with a minimum of 15 hours/week commitment
Project type : Edtech

Practical skills you will gain from working on this module
Team work Real work experience Handle real customer data

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You will learn from

Saleem Hadad photo

Saleem Hadad (Program head)

Saleem Hadad is an entrepreneur, software developer with 5+ years of experience developing and deploying scalable architecture for web apps in startups and agencies serving millions of requests. I have a good experience of building microservices and serverless REST APIs. An enthusiastic to open-source, public speaker, and self-learner.Saleem graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a mechatronics engineering degree. He mentored engineering and IT students in develop...

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Vimson Varghese photo

Vimson Varghese (Internship manager)

15+ years of experience in designing, developing, scaling solutions for web and mobile platforms in startups and agencies. Now working as a Senior Software Engineer at in Dubai, UAE. Have good exposure to agile development and Object-oriented programming. Also experience in scaling (horizontal) a website or service to handle millions of requests using Amazon Web Service cloud technology.

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Lijeesh Majeed photo

Lijeesh Majeed (Program co-ordinator)

Lijeesh Majeed is an Entrepreneur, Technology, and Product leader with more than 15 years of industry experience. As a mentor and trainer in various fields, he helped more than half a dozen technology startup teams, 200+ young entrepreneurs and developers.Lijeesh holds a computer science degree and a Diploma in business administration. He is an open-source software enthusiast, developer, and trainer. After working at multiple outsource firms he started a professional career in Flip Media as a Sof...

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JavaScript full stack web developer virtual internship - FAQs

What learners say about the experience

Ali Alkelabi Batch completed: 10th Dec 2020

Such a wonderful experience I learned a lot, gained a new skill, knew more stuff about the business world, how to deal with clients and additionally how to be a good manager. Really fantastic and I appreciate our instructor's effort to teach us during this course, Saleem you are the best, and I thank all Laimoon's team.

a month ago

Basem Torky Batch completed: 10th Dec 2020

The instructor Mr. Saleem did a great job and I saw him every session helping novice and professional course attendees unleashing their dedication and commitment for a totally new concepts. This is a big lesson learned for me.

a month ago

Ayaz K Batch completed: 10th Dec 2020

Saleem has been very patient and flexible at the same time and also very helpful and friendly throughout the course. You will feel so excited when you will host your final app in cloud. Loved that moment.

a month ago

Program price: AED 1,450

3 monthly installments available